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The Chinchorro Banks, Alor, Belize and Roatan, 02/2018
Undercurrent subscribers are able to publish unedited reports of their dive trips featuring both what's good and what's bad about their experiences. This month we feature some of latest comments including details of journeys to the Chinchorro Banks in Mexico, Alor in Indonesia, Belize and Roatan, and how cut-rate trips leave those that book early steaming. It's free-to-read here. ...   Read more >>

Get Your Weights Off First!, 02/2018
Get your weights off as soon as you can. This month Undercurrent tells the salutary tale of a new diver who didn't know to do that and fell overboard when the boat was rocked by a wave, with fatal consequences. It's free-to-read here. ...   Read more >>

Editor's Pick of the month

Tropical Ice, Kindle versionTropical Ice

Written by Undercurrent's publisher Ben Davison (writing as KL Smith) and set in Belize, Tropical Ice is a story of shark-finning and reef-raping, murder and politics, on an industrial scale, with plenty of diving. You'll sense a creature's eyes on a night dive, feel the sandpaper skin of a shark on your bare back, and taste the sweat dripping off your eyebrows as you push through the underbrush on Snapper Caye.

It all takes place at Cap'n Jack's Rum Caye Dive Resort, where Jack's trying to save his failing resort with shark-feeding dives, until a body turns up in the damnedest place. You'll flip pages through surprising twists and turns that keep you glued to the text, all the way to the surprising events at the end. I sure didn't see them coming.

Tropical Ice is available online from Amazon in paperback ($14.97) or Kindle ($7.99), and in bookstores.

You can order a signed copy for $18 (proceeds go to reef conservation).

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Scandi Divers Report in Philippines/Puerto Galera, Mindoro
"Quality Diving On A Budget"
filed Feb 19, 2018 by Jeanne Sleeper (Experience: Over 1000 dives, 7 reports, Sr. Reviewer )
3 stars

Our group of 3 flew LAX to Manila on EVA AIR, which was a great choice. Scandi arranged a private Van service to meet us at airport and... ... Read more

Cobalt Coast Report in Caribbean (General)/Grand Cayman
"Cobalt Coast is a Solid Operation"
filed Feb 18, 2018 by Larry Sandusky (Experience: 251-500 dives, 12 reports, Contributor )
4 stars

Resort is dated, but upgrades are underway. Service in all aspects of visit was superior and friendly. Dive operation is well run... ... Read more

Belize Underwater/Belize Ocean Club Report in Belize/Placencia
"Healthy Reefs but few fish in South Belize"
filed Feb 17, 2018 by Gareth Richards (Experience: 251-500 dives, 5 reports, Reviewer )
3 stars

We decided on this trip as a non-hard core diving trip. In other words we wanted to be on the beach with some land based diving. Placen... ... Read more

Divi Flamingo Report in Bonaire
"Cruise ships destroy Bonaire"
filed Feb 17, 2018 by Teresa McCanlies (Experience: Over 1000 dives)
3 stars

I've loved Bonaire for 35 years but have never before been there in Dec/Jan. So I was aghast that 2 & sometimes 3 mega cruise ships do... ... Read more

Scubaqua/Old Gin House Report in St. Eustatius/N.A.
"Post hurricane report"
filed Feb 17, 2018 by craig whitaker (Experience: 251-500 dives, 5 reports, Reviewer )
5 stars

All of the pre-2017 hurricane reports I heard about this dive destination were excellent. Unfortunately, my post-hurricane, two-week st... ... Read more

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